Hailey Jane (hailey_jane) wrote in imsomewhatcool,
Hailey Jane

oh im cool now.

1.Your name?: Hailey
2.Why you joined?: im bored, and it said to join...somewhere.
3.Have you ever been to slittiltheends journal?and if you havent go when your done!: yes sir.
4.What music do you like?: anything worth listening to.
5.What are you wearing right now?: clothes.
6.Do you consider youreself cool?: pretty much not.
7.Do you have a bf/gf?: nada.
8.Do you have a life?: nah-uh.
9.Whats in your cd player and dvd player(or vcr): cd player: the clash-london calling. dvd player: napoleon dynamite.
10.Post your picture here(optional):
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