amanda (suicidal_kisses) wrote in imsomewhatcool,

i never made a scene..they came to me

1.Your name?: Amanda
2.Why you joined?: cuz im awesome.
3.Have you ever been to slittiltheends journal?and if you havent go when your done!: sure have
4.What music do you like?: here we go...tbs, thursday, thrice, funeral for a friend, matchbook romance, the doors, led zeppelin, q and not u, the faint, head automatica, the used, something corporate, fall out boy, coheed and cambria, midtown, saves the day, new found glory, nirvana, silverchair, breaking benjamin, dashboard confessional, armor for sleep, etc. :o) music is my boyfriend.
5.What are you wearing right now?: pajama pants and a dc hoodie.
6.Do you consider youreself cool?: im fucking awesome.
7.Do you have a bf/gf?: sure do.
8.Do you have a life?: hardly
9.Whats in your cd player and dvd player(or vcr): tbs - where you want to be
10.Post your picture here(optional):
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