stupid 12 year old slut (rissa_dot_hxc) wrote in imsomewhatcool,
stupid 12 year old slut


1. Your name?: Rissa
2. Why you joined?: Because uh.. I wanna be cool. =)
3. Have you ever been to slittiltheends journal?: Not yet.
4. What music do you like?: Mostly emo.
5. What are you wearing right now?: Blue jeans and a black Matchbook Romance shirt.
6. Do you consider yourself cool?: Eh. I guess? Not the stereotypical kind of cool, but whatever. I'm content with myself.
7. Do you have a bf/gf?: Nope.
8. Do you have a life?: I have a livejournal, don't I? Of course I don't have a life.
9. Whats in your cd player and dvd player: In my CD player I have A Static Lullaby.. and in my DVD player there's Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
10. Post your picture here:

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