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imsomewhatcool's Journal

join,now your cool.
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This is basically about life,music,,depressing people,being cool i guess,being cocky and too good for everyone,just everything and if you feel uncool this will make you a bit cooler..dont ask me how..just make everyone join and post things you think people would enjoy reading and whatever Personally i like the sad depressing stories to a + to that and
have fun and meet new pe0ple!


Once the Community gets 20+ Members i am going to go around and see the ones who are the hottest and contact you and tell you, then host a poll for people to vote on and for one month i will post your journal name and picture if its ok on the main screen =).. i like hot people <3


After you Join, Just fill out the form below and then post it so all of the members can see and blah blah.

1.Your name?:
2.Why you joined?:
3.Have you ever been to slittiltheends journal?and if you havent go when your done!:
4.What music do you like?:
5.What are you wearing right now?:
6.Do you consider youreself cool?:
7.Do you have a bf/gf?:
8.Do you have a life?:
9.Whats in your cd player and dvd player(or vcr):
10.Post your picture here(optional):

Thanks! =D

The manager of this community is
cool, dean the hawt kid, erik the hawt kid, everything, life, music, styles