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1.Your name?: steph wrong, age 17.
2.Why you joined?: im bored, looks like it might be interesting when it gets more active and stays around a little longer
3.Have you ever been to slittiltheends journal?and if you havent go when your done!: why not.
4.What music do you like?: the beatles, reel big fish, save ferris, bright eyes, the pixies, basically classic rock, ska, swing.
5.What are you wearing right now?: a weezer t shirt and a jean skirt.
6.Do you consider youreself cool?: im in ap art so that makes me so uncool that im cool apparently.
7.Do you have a bf/gf?: yep, of 2 months. you'll see him in the pictures.
8.Do you have a life?: yes, so ill only post here during daytime hours of weekdays.
9.Whats in your cd player and dvd player(or vcr):i have an ipod, so therefore i have a gazillion songs. gilmore girls is on tv though.
10.Post your picture here(optional):

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